A Word on Love.

“Through the valley and over the sea
His beckoning sweeps in with the evening breeze.
It gently surrounds my broken being
Calling my love and affection to pour its entirety.

It sweetly cradles my broken and vulnerable heart
And whispers sweet praises of His glorious art.
What is this feeling of being complete?
In the arms of some thing, and invisible being?

I search for a source, a beacon, a light.
But all I have found is my heart begins beating again.
I’m running, seeking, pursuing to no end
Continuously I chase this glorious person into the wind.

I’m passionate, relentless committed to make this chase
for I have found freedom in a place of sweet grace.
I’m accepted, together, in love with the Creator of my race
I just want to see you Lord, God reveal to me for the worlds sake.

What is a relationship when our worlds been deceived?
How do I find love when lust surrounds my being?
I want to pursue you, I want to see love through your eyes
But then I discover it’s not time for my love to arise

“Awaken it slowly” don’t push it into gear
For your love will blossom because I am near
Let joy and kindness overwhelm your soul
For love is greater than anything in this world.”

-The Rooted Wanderer (CNS)


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