The Introduction.

As a full time dreamer and part time writer, I find that to set up an idea of how I intend to use this blog I must first cast some vision into this.

As a dreamer, I dream of so many things. Sometimes it may be falling in love with someone who I’ve possibly loved for years.

Other times I dream of progress, finding freedom, pushing the boundaries and restrictions that the world often sets us under.

But sometimes, I simply dream of dancing to “The Girl” by City and Colour or riding shotgun with my love while driving, well speeding down a country road.

Windows down, Country music on loud, the wind blowing through my hair, the feeling of the unexplainable.

Sometimes I am incredibly broken.

Sometimes the sky’s the limit.

But nevertheless, I find it pertinent that I continue to dream and move forward regardless of my current state of emotions or mentality.

Sometimes I will be the first to state “Try and stop me,” yet at some times I desperately want to say, “Please stop me.”

I write what I see, hear, feel, experience. I tend to write to collect my thoughts and put them into some sort of order, which is a rare result.

But to sum it up, welcome my blog, my thoughts, my world. There is not much to offer, yet I have so much to say.


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