The Day Everything Changed: Five Thoughts on Working Out.

A little over a month ago, I was the person who hated anything associated with the word “fitness.” I was just shy of 200 lbs and quite honestly, I hated myself. I hated who I had become not only physically but also emotionally. I felt like a hot slob of a person and it just wasn’t cool.

But then one day, out of the blue, I wanted to get fit. Half of me said “Katie, you can’t do this. People like your favorite guy in the world and your old best friend are meant to be fit. You just can’t do it. You will always be the fat person in your ministry group, your friends, and in life.”

I think that was the biggest lie I could have told myself.

You see, if I am being honest with myself and the rest of the internet community, I am tired of fitting in size XL clothes, I am tired of being ashamed of who I am and who I could be. I not only wanted to look good in cute clothes but also naked. (Honesty hour, remember?) I wanted to shock not only myself but the people around me. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do absolutely anything if I simply put my mind to it. Which is hard when you tend to be the most inconsistent person you’ve ever met. Or that half of you believes you cannot do it.

But as we progress on the journey of working out and getting fit, there are a few thoughts that have come into fruition as a result of this epic adventure.

1.) You need a hell of a gym partner and even better support from the people in your lives. 

My friend and I both wanted to workout, but we couldn’t ever get ourselves together enough to actually go to the gym. But as the new year began, we just began to work out because school hadn’t begun and well, I felt guilty about sitting on my ass for three hours and watching excessive amounts of Criminal Minds.

Jordan (my gym buddy) is probably one of the most encouraging people in my life right now. We make a great team because she is the encouraging lover of running while I am the get er’ done lover of strength training. She is FABULOUS at making sure I get on the dadgum treadmill or bike or stationary rowing machine and complete the FULL 20-30 minutes of daily cardio while I figure out what we did the last day on weights and what we do on the current day. I know that we’ve got each others’ back not only in the gym but in life. There is no better person to work out and get fit with then her.

Support is another factor in lifestyle change that is VITAL. People often see you going to the gym, but they rarely realize what the effect of working out is doing in your life. You need people in your life that will walk right next to you and encourage you when you get down. You need the people who believes in not only you and where you are but where you are going. Because honey, if you put your mind to it, you will, without a doubt, go places beyond where you ever dreamed. Keep believing and it’ll happen.

2.)  You need to realize who you are doing this for.

Go find a mirror in your house and stare at yourself intensely.

I want you to repeat to yourself that getting better, getting healthy, is not so you can get revenge on the guy who treated you like crap (long story), is not for the fact that you can become an arrogant son of a gun and show off to the world.

Getting fit is for YOU.

It’s so that you can look amazing in that bandeau bikini you’ve had your eye on since freshman year in college.

It’s so that when summer comes around, you can rock the short shorts that have always been a no-no for you.

It’s so that when you wake up in the morning, when you are in the gym, when you go out at night, you can proudly say that:


you are a beast and no one or no thing in this world can stop you. You have the determination to do absolutely anything in life. You just have to take the first step and remain devoted to that goal or dream.   

You have to remind yourself of this daily, hourly. You have to ingrain this in your soul, so that every time you complete a rep, run that extra mile, feel down, not good enough, just short of giving up, it kicks you back into the mindset of YOU CAN AND WILL DO THIS and MOMENTARY TIMES OF GETTING DOWN FADE AWAY because YOU ARE A BAMF (don’t ask what that means. google if you really want to know) and YOU WILL DO THAT REP AND EXTRA JUST TO PROVE YOURSELF WRONG.

Don’t let any person, words, thought, thing stop you from pushing yourself beyond your limits and into the realm of the great unknown. It’ll be worth it, I promise. You just can’t give up or cave. Go hard or go home.


3.) You need to realize that it’s all or nothing.

The only way you will become the person you want to be is if you give it your all. This means don’t chinch on your reps. Don’t half-ass anything. All in or all out. As the famous saying goes “No pain, no gain.” As that 50th push up you just did has your body going “I’m done,” remember why you are doing this. Get on Facebook and look at that picture of you 20 lbs heavier. Remember why you started and why you are on this journey. I promise you, it works.

Except personally, when I look at that those pictures, all I want to do is go run a mile. But that’s just me. Anyways, I am digressing.

The only accomplishment that comes from half-assing things is you never realize the true potential deep within you. How does that make you feel?

4.) You need to realize that some days are simply to maintain the progress.

Jordan and I had a week or two where the workouts were feeling bleh. I was telling a friend about how I was unsatisfied with how the progress was going and he said “Some days are simply maintaining what you are doing.” (Thanks Matt) I got mad. I couldn’t understand why I simply wanted to go sleep instead of doing some leg presses. But as soon as this wave of so-so workouts began, they were quickly replaced with hard core workouts that leave my shirt completely soaked with sweat and my muscles sore.

You need to realize that not every workout is going to be one that you would rate as a 10/ “killed it” on your workout tracker. Some days you will be dragging yourself out of bed because you need to get moving instead of spending that extra hour in bed creeping on your current love interest on Facebook.

As my mind often tells me when I want to be lazy, “Get your ass out of bed and go do something productive.” 95% of the time, this works. Other times, I feel guilty about being lazy at about 9:30 am and go to the gym anyways because well, I skipped on workout day and that is simply not okay. It’s not lazy day, those are called rest days for a reason, it is the day in which the Lord made and Katie better be in that Rec Center some time before she goes to bed.

5.) You have to constantly remind yourself that it is all about the PROGRESS. The RESULTS are simply a byproduct of being works in progress. 

I get mad. I want immediate results. As Guns N Roses said in their song Patience, 

 “Said woman take it slow, and it’ll work itself out fine
All we need is just a little patience

Now while the context is completely wrong, it serves a valid purpose for this thought. Great things do not happen in one, two, or three workouts. It’s something that happens over a long period of time. The size 8 person who is deep within your soul will come to fruition, you just have to be patient. You have to be consistent and vigilant to what your doing and how you can better yourself. You can’t give up no matter how much you might’ve given up in the past. Keep going darling, because I believe you can do it. Anyone can. Just take the first step.

I love the image of being a blank canvas, simply waiting to be shaped into who I never thought I would be. Great things are coming for us, because we believe in ourselves and we will be the tenacious son of a guns that never gave up.

Now’s the time to step up and change the world. Because people are observing. They are seeing what is going on in our lives. And I PROMISE they will want to take in part in this incredible journey. Because you and I, we are unstoppable, and unstoppable people change the world.

Are you ready to roll? Because I sure as hell am.

Stay Motivated,




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