A Letter to Daughters across the world.

My dear future/non-existent daughter,

The world is going to tell you that you are a princess and should be treated accordingly. Which is great, but if you look at every princess movie made in the 1990’s and 2000’s, the stories always end in Happily Ever After. The princess has a struggle, meets a man, something happens between said woman and man which requires them overcome the underlying struggle and they live happily ever after. Oh Daughter! I wish life was this simple. This world offers so many substitutes of “happily ever afters,” but at the end of the day, sometimes we are only as far forward as we are back.

My darling, I want to speak something to you, even though you don’t exist. Love, you are not and should never be a Barbie to a man. What do I mean?

You are not his play thing. You are not something that he can remain fixated on for a period of time until they outgrow you and move on to the next play thing.

If he truly loves you, he wouldn’t throw you aside when he gets bored because he knows what it means to cherish your heart, to love your quirks, and be in love with not only you now, but the process God is leading you through.

He understands your importance to the King of Kings.

He values your relationship with your family and friends.

He knows that he can’t promise you the moon and the stars because you are completely enamored with the maker of the stars and moon and nothing can come before that.

And that’s okay, because he is too.

He is willing to walk through the valleys and across the rivers with you.

He loves who you are as an individual and not what you look like with makeup on.

He sees through to your soul because Daughter, I hope you have such a fire burning within you, that anyone can see it.

And Daughter, if you fall in love with a man who is anything less than this, run darling, run. You might want to stay and fight for him. You say that you won’t give up on him even though he’s thrown you aside time and time again. But it’ll save your precious heart in the long term if you run while you still can. Love, it’s going to hurt. It will be one of the hardest things you will ever do. But as hard as it will be, it is also one of the bravest things you will ever do. And that my daughter, is what strengthens you into the warrior you are meant to be.

I don’t want to teach you, daughter, to be just a princess who waits for a man to come and save you and find your own worth and validation in that relationship. I want you to embrace and develop in to a woman who is a warrior, who fights for all that is good and holy, who seeks your validation in the Lord alone, and knows that you are deeply cherished and loved by not only your parents, but also the King of Kings.

And sometimes the Lord needs us to walk away from love with that man who has captured your heart so that He can reclaim your heart before it gets destroyed by human mistakes.

Because the hurt, the sting of being rejected, the process of forcing yourself to move on from him and the brokenness that came into fruition because of him, isn’t worth the tears. Sometimes it can be avoided, and sometimes we must go through the pain to become better, to become more dependent on God.

Daughter, I sincerely hope and pray that no man ever does this to you. I hope you find a man who loves you to pieces and simply wants to be a part of your life. I hope you find a man who cultivates love, who fights for you and your heart. Who is everything a man of God is supposed to be. Not what the world tells us a man should be.

And daughter, I hope that your love for not only him but also the people in your life inspires to love well. Because that is a dying thing in our world today.

Fight hard Love, hold tight to yourself and the love that the Lord has for you.

It’s worth it. It’s so much better than simply being a princess of the world.

©Katie Scroggins


One thought on “A Letter to Daughters across the world.

  1. Loved this!!! I’ve written a letter similar to this to Audrey and I can’t wait to be able to tell her when she will actually understand it. 💕


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