Poetic Thoughts on Addiction… Specifically Alcoholism

I’d like to tell the story of a beloved man
He’d done hard time and protected the freedom of our land
But what doesn’t get mentioned in this book
is the price one pays in exchange for our over glancing looks.

You see, this man could be my lover
I’d stay faithful every day of my life
But instead of being a significant other to full throttle
He fell for his lover that took shape of a bottle.

The liquid was possessive, it could control his being
it made him take positions that couldn’t have been seen
It seduced his mind, it drowned his body whole
And left behind the skeleton of a kind man’s burning and suddenly dark soul.

I tried to seduce him, I tried to change his focus
But the only that accomplished was the wreckage of my inner compass
I waited for ages, I cringed every time a text came on my phone
But what his lover had done left him empty to the bone.

But he crawled back to his lover, and so it began again
I wish we could’ve had the chance but binge came after binge.
I could only feel the heartbreak of the wreckage left behind
And began to tell the world that despite the pain, I was fine.

You see his Lover demanded his all, it begged for his full attention
And anyone else in this life, would only get a fraction.
This man can move mountains, he could change the world
But what his lover required of him, left the truth broken and unfurled.

Sometimes he recognizes his brokenness and simply wants to change
And other times he’s utterly intoxicated with the lover’s seductive ways
But the longer the relationship continues, the more I began to see
that the only way we would’ve ever had the chance was if he’d just been freed.

But the chains are confining, and he won’t change his ways
And for the man who could do anything I feel to himself he’d been betrayed
There is so much more to this life than the love affair taking place
But what do I know, when I was simply a distraction in his never ending chase?

The women, the lover, the never-ending need
Of making love with anything that simply agreed.
The fulfillment is gone, and all of a sudden, just like that
I don’t get to watch the latest attempt to try and get himself back.

©Katie Scroggins


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