The Daily Rebelism

Why the Daily Rebelism? What caused me to want to create a persona and blog about rebellion?

Let me break it down for you.

The good Lord did not create me to live inside a box. He did not create me to walk along designated lines. He gave me a voice, a platform, and I am finally bold enough and fired up to walk that calling to its full potential.

What does this mean?

I will not sugar coat anything. This blog is a place to gather and organize my thoughts and words. Our society has been placated to believe that we should have a voice about anything and everything. And we should. But I do not want to simply spew words across a computer screen. We have enough of that going on as is. I write because I have something to say, something on my heart, the sweetest or cruelest life lesson that could’ve been avoided. And those are the things that need to be spewed across the screen. Those are the things we need to be vocal about. Because one person’s experiences can help another person prevent the same thing from happening or even helping that person move on from similar experiences.

Therefore, I will not shut up, be quiet, or placate the Christian mindset and/or the societal mindset. I will be bold and vocal when needed. Because the desperation for truth is growing at an exponential rate.

What will I talk about?

I made a deal with myself when things went south between my favorite person in the world and I.

I wasn’t going to placate anything for myself or others.

I was going shatter boxes and lines that Christians obviously don’t cross for moralistic reasons or even because they are not sure how to feel about it. Even if they do, for the sake of tact and upholding up the facade that we are better than the events that happen in society today.

I’m not going to. I have many friends who have adapted to this. But I can’t. You can’t change the world by the appeasement of others and I will not do it. I can’t.

What I want you to know, is that this special guy taught me how to be unbelievably direct. Everyone simply dances around truth when we simply need to give it to people straight.

He showed me the highly visible flaws in Christians and society at the same time.

Because of him, I found out the reason why I was made to walk on this earth. And it wasn’t to kiss anyone’s ass. Because that’s a waste of my time. It was to be the tenacious badass that was hidden deep within me. I needed to finally roar like the lion that had been simply waiting for me to release deep inside. It was to be a person who fought for the few good things in this world and to never, ever give up on that.

He helped me realize that I cannot simply sit by and watch the cycle continue over and over. But instead, to because the wrecker of cycles and stagnancy that is prevalent in the world today.

We were made to be more than hated hypocrites. We were made for being more than sitting up on our high horses pointing and judging the people who cannot even get up off the ground.

We were made to build everyone up regardless of who they are, where they have been, what they have done, and when they might’ve turned away from Grace.

Most importantly, this blog is to wreak havoc on the world around us.

I am walking into a season of life that requires unrequited boldness.

I have been hurt on levels that can’t even begin to be described.

But out of the pain, the rejection, fighting the desire to say that I still want to be with him even though he was an asshole, the need to be bold and tenacious for not only myself but others grew exponentially.

So here’s to new seasons, new chapters, and new beginnings. I preached to him over and over that new beginnings were coming his way, in hopes that maybe it would inspire him but what I never realized that I was preaching to myself all along.

My friend once told me, “Katie, don’t let this man destroy you.” But what I couldn’t tell her that even if he destroyed me, which he didn’t by the way, some people grow and strengthen by the fire. Ever heard of controlled burns? It’s not to destroy the weaklings, it’s to build up the rooted and strong. What is destruction to some is what constructs another. We as humans are extremely resilient. We just have to believe that about ourselves and live this idea to its fullest extent.

And that’s what I fully intend on doing.

Welcome to The Daily Rebelism. I hope it rocks your world.


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