The Single Woman’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day #2 (Friday Feels)

So… Today’s question courtesy of The Single Woman is

Describe a moment or a day where being single really sucked.

I feel that this is one of those questions that single people have the uncanny ability to write/talk about this for days.

I think the days where singleness just sucked big ones were days like yesterday. When you are just doing good to have clean underwear on and your hair in some semblance of a ponytail instead of the beehive you woke up with. Where you can walk into public and put on a big ole fake grin because even though your heart doesn’t feel whole and is completely broken, you still try and smile because you know better days are coming. And it doesn’t rain forever, no matter how much it might feel that it will.

It really hits home when you are feeling the starts of an illness coming on and all you really want is someone to hold you while you just feel like crap. Someone who’ll simply cuddle with you and watch Criminal Minds and still love the hell out of you while you just feel pathetic and feverish in his arms.

Or maybe it’s the moments where you just really need someone who will say, “Babe, it’s just a presentation, calm down. It’ll all work out and be over before you know it,” when that presentation that was due today was just kicking some serious butt.

Another moment where singleness just flat out sucks is when people who surround you start finding the person they do life with or the man you are learning to not love anymore has a new woman to be distracted by. While everyone is dating, talking to someone, getting married and having babies, you are dancing around your room in your drawers singing wholeheartedly with Meghan Trainor into your hairbrush.

But that’s the beauty of being alone, no matter how sucky it seems.

What I am learning about singleness and sucky days is that there will always be fantastic days and days where you just want to curl up in bed and cry. But what we fail to realize in the middle of sucky days is that those bad days, are building us. They make us stronger. While people have significant others to rely on and walk life with, single people have to walk through the same struggles of life alone. It’s creating an independence deep within us that can never be taken away.

Sure, being alone sucks. But it can’t rain forever. God promised that there wouldn’t ever be another flood in the history of the world.


So pull on your rain boots and go dance like an idiot in the midst of the storm. Singleness isn’t about weathering out the storm, but learning to thrive in the midst of sometimes crappy conditions.


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