An Update.

I wrote this letter this morning and if anyone wants an update in my life.


Dear self,

So here’s the deal… The asshole broke your heart for the final time. He made you feel weak, not good enough, and that’s not okay. No man, or even person should make you feel like that. So you are going to  revoke that power from everyone. The only person allowed to make you feel like that is yourself, an that is not allowed to happen.

The first thing you need to remember is that you are always more than circumstances. You are not going to let this asshole steal your joy, your sanity, your mind, your heart, or anything else for that matter. You don’t need an explanation because he no longer resides in any part of your being. Know that you will always care but it’ll only hit you for a split second before you choose to focus on better things. It is now necessary for survival.

Next, you are going to wholeheartedly focus and commit to all aspects of your life. Commit yourself to bettering yourself and your life. Your soul is too beautiful to simply be burned by a man. Darling, you are facing a controlled burn period in your life. It hurts like hell, but its strengthening your with every flame, every ember. Burn brighter darling. Show the world how resilient you really are.

It’s vital to laugh. Seek joy fully and laugh not because you are faking it but because you have the joy deep within you. It’s okay to cry, be down, but not for him. Because the feeling of weakness is unnecessary for this part of your life. But cry, dry your tears, and stand back up. Because you are not giving up and you are going to keep going. Be brave with you life, inspire others, hope for all things, and never stop loving yourself, others, and this life that God so graciously blessed you with.

The most important thing is this, don’t let go of your faith. It’s been slipping for a while and you don’t even know if you want it back. But God wants the best for you. He’s actively waiting for you and your brokenness. You can trust him, its vital that you do. He will never hurt you because he loves you too much to do that. You are his and his alone. You are cherished, adored, and eternally desired. Bury that deep within your soul and cling to it with everything you have.

The tide may be getting closer and closer to you but you are stronger than the power of the waves, and you are braver than the storms raging around you.

Just keep holding on with everything within you.




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