166 Days… A Season of New Beginnings.

I am a writer. I view life in terms of chapters, plot twists, character development, and beautiful words being scripted into a larger than life story.

With that being said, I firmly and wholeheartedly believe that there is a new chapter being scripted in the midst of my crazy life. If I had to title the last chapter, it would be “And Then Everything Changed.” And the truth is, everything is always changing. God is always implementing plot twists into our stories so that we walk out the pieces of our story that makes it unique to ourselves.

You may ask, why 166 days? What is the significance of that odd number? Why not 180 days or 160 days?

166 days is the sentence of a friend who is walking into a season of solitude. A time of paying for his sins and screwups.

166 days is the amount of time where I will have the opportunity to expedite my personal growth in ways that have been stunted for the last five months.

It is a time of leaving the old behind and wholeheartedly chasing the future with everything within me.

We are all walking into unknown seasons.

Maybe it is one of solitude, loneliness, reflection, and deep healing and resolution.

Or maybe it is a season of boldness, defiance, rebellion against my self, a season of a light once extinguished being brought back to life.

Nevertheless, its a new season. It is a new chapter to write a fantastic story, one that we were once afraid to even dream of. It is the time of making the impossible possible for the first time. It is a time to inspire others, create joy and light in dark places, be whatever we want to be because no person or thing is holding you back.

What’s your new beginning? What is keeping you from it? Yourself? Your past? The hurt and bitterness?

Spring is my favorite season because it symbolizes growth and blossoming. It is not a season of things dying and being ugly. Rebirth and beautiful things are often the result of Spring.

Let’s be wildflowers together. Exploring the growth and joy that happens during this season.



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