Closure. In Poetry form.

One day she quit waiting for him…


She no longer waited for the explanation text

or the “i’m sorry” phone call from far away.

She couldn’t wait for him to even realize

the jewel he foolishly threw away.


She dried up her tears,

and pulled herself together

for no longer was it an option

to stay under the weather.


So she thought about him

just one final time

and dwelled on the good and bad moments

that made up their short time.


Oh how she loved him!

How much her heart missed his.

But forever is a long time,

for him to come to his senses.


So she asked God to protect him

and to simply keep him safe

For no longer could she worry

When he was in every sense far away.


She asked that the Lord

would somehow change his path

Because he has such goodness

before he fell under attack.


Maybe one day,

in a different place or time

they could develop the love

Twas of a rare kind.


But she can only keep praying

for him to be safe in the Lord’s keep

and maybe on a day nearby

from his demons he could finally be free.


The girl was no longer bitter

Because deep down she knows she’s free

And the two of them have so much growing

until they are the rarest of beasts


Hope fills her heart

just as she’s dependent on His will

There is such greatness within her

and in His keep, she will not fail.


So weep for me no more,

Beautiful man, don’t forget my face

Because maybe one day

we will see each other face to face.

-Caitlin Scroggins


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