Quick poetic thoughts

God, lead me out of my broken place,

filled with nothing but my disgrace

I’ve become a stranger in my own eyes

somewhere in this broken and reckless demise.

I’ve run so far in attempt to free myself from pain

but over and over it haunts me all through the night

it takes away my dignity piece by piece

and strips me of any will to stay and fight.

What happened to the warrior

who once was so free and strong

she had the world at her fingers

but then it all went wrong.

God, I’m standing naked before you

stripped and completely bare,

because I’ve fallen into a state of disrepair.

God, I stand before you with little dignity

somewhere in the midst of the breaking waves

I  can start to see your loving face.
So, I’m running back to you

and taking shelter in your almighty

for nothing can compare

to feeling you in my place fighting.


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