One Year Later.

I told myself that I was waiting for the right person.

That in the time we’d be apart, I would simply live life as much as I possibly could before we were reunited.


I stood in a medieval cathedral which was older than our country.

And it blew my mind.

I slept many nights in a place I spent years only dreaming about.

A magnificent place that I fell in love with.


I faced fears and anxieties that I swear God had been preparing me for years to experience.

Thousands of miles away,

Out of my comfort zone.

And I survived, READER!

I didn’t just survive, I thrived!


I found my calling.

I had my heart broken multiple times,

Leading me to swear off love indefinitely.


I did stupid things that still haunt my memories at times.

I missed a man who I thought I loved,

Only to later realize that I no longer do…


I entwined myself in trials that I never thought I would experience.

I lost 30 lbs in which I gained some of that total back soon after.


I was temporarily promoted at work….

And it showed me that I was capable of having a backbone.

Also, I was not meant to be in retail forever.


I started dating and putting myself out there,

And I learned that I was worth so much more than the price men often placed on me.


I started my last full semester of college,

Unknowing of what would happen after I finished it.

Yet, I finished with a fantastic GPA and an internship.


I aced the class I spent the first week crying in stress over,

Doing exactly the one thing I thought I couldn’t do.

Reader, let me tell you, I kicked some serious ass.


I began to write books that I ADORE creating,

And somewhere between July and present day,

A single book idea turned into a 10+ series interconnected with one another.


I met a blue eyed babe…

And he has completely knocked me off my feet.

Ignore the sudden need to grin like an idiot as I think about how far we’ve come in our relationship.


I discovered recently that your best friend and significant other needs to be your #1 biggest fan and supporter if you want to succeed in anything,

After believing in yourself.


I’ve learned that in spite of the pain and heartbreak I have experienced due to carelessness, I am still capable of being loved and loving another imperfect person.


Most importantly, I learned that in spite of thinking that you’d never get better or heal,

You do.


You just become a little older, wiser, and weary.


But that’s when we need to rely on the Father the most.

Because He wants us to turn to him and trust that His way is good and perfect.


Most importantly,

I’ve learned that just because it didn’t work out with one person, doesn’t mean that better things aren’t out there…

Because they are.

And reader, let me tell you…

It’s everything you never expected to happen.


Suddenly, the person who had significant impact in your life at one time, is a distant memory, subtle ache that lasts for only a split second before you remember all of the good and things from above that made you the person you are today.


I don’t know about you…

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because life is beautiful, God is so gracious, and the best is yet to come.

We just have to turn the page on a dark chapter that drug you through the depths of a valley… And led you to stand on the mountain, full panoramic view of what you went through. Just sneak one last peek before you turn and embark on the next chapter of your life.

It’s wonderful, beautiful, exciting, scary, and unknown… But He knows what He is doing and where He is leading you… Time to be brave and trust.


Just be brave.


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