Bullet Journal

There’s a fad going around Pinterest called a Bullet Journal. To sum up what it is, a Bullet Journal is a combination of a dream board, a planner, a personal calendar, to do list, and just about anything else you would want it to be…To learn more about what a Bullet Journal is, check out this link: Bullet Journal

I started mine yesterday and fell in love with the process immediately… This is what it looks like! I will warn you thought, this post is a long one!

Side note: I apologize for the crappy pictures… I was lazy and used my phone to take pictures instead of getting my DSLR out.



Anyways, when picking a journal to use for the Bullet Journal, they say go with what you want…

A lot of people like ones like the LEUCHTTURM1917 journals. Personally, I am broke and wasn’t sure how well I would commit to the latest creative venture like this, so the Black Soft Bound Medium Journal from Barnes and Noble is the one I went with. I love it because as a perpetual terrible artist, the graph paper inside somewhat keeps me in order while I try and navigate through all of the different collections and pages I create.


The second most important, well third if you include artistic ability/willingness to learn is what you use to create the pages. Because of my financial situation, I dug out my own Prismacolor Premier Fine Line Illustration Markers that I had spontaneously purchased when I decided to try hand lettering… Which failed miserably if anyone was wondering. The Micron pens were another hand-me-down set from my scrapbooking days but they are my current favorite to use just because they don’t bleed through the pages and have fantastic coloring. A final set of pens that are used, in my opinion, the most, are Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens, .3mm pens. While I don’t currently have these (they are going to be bought next time I have the money), I have owned some in the past and they are FANTASTIC! If I was to have to purchase pens to use for any kind of writing or crafting, I would definitely get these! A final set of pens that I have enjoyed using since I already own them were the Paper Mate Flair felt tip pens. The only complaint I have about these is that the tips are thicker and harder to use… But because I am a pen whore, I have the ultra thin tipped ones that work great!

Cover Page!

But back to the Bullet Journal!


After pinteresting and googling on how to start one, I stumbled across the Brunette with a Blog’s Basics of Bullet Journaling, which was a HUGE help in figuring everything out

This is the cover page of it… I covered up my number so I don’t get any random texts from creepers but I wanted to have my name and number somewhere on in just in case I lose it, which is a definite possibility, along with having a proper quote for the new life chapter I am walking into.  Everyone has their “thing” they do on the cover. Since I am first and foremost a writer, I felt words and quotes should be a primary focus in my journal behind the planner/calendar/appointment book.

Which leads to the logs! If anyone knows me well, I am EXTREMELY organized when it comes to appointments, calendars, and dates, yet I hate keeping up with my Google Calendar, a planner, my phone, and to-do lists, which is what originally drew me to the Bullet Journal. Alot of Bullet journalers do daily pages in their BuJo, but personally I got lazy and don’t have enough of a calendar right now to need daily slots… So I just broke my days into weeks and went from there. Another note, I haven’t actually used this part of my journal yet simply because I started it in June…And it is still May.


Travel Collection

Another HUGE part of a BuJo are collections. These collections can consist of absolutely anything and everything… Quotes, Recipes, Trackers, dreams, goals, etc. The possibilities are endless and it is extremely exciting to come up with the next page!

This is part of my travel/ dream collection! I have multiple pages of places I want to go or my 30 before 30 list, amongst other pages that I have yet to create!

At the rate I am going, I will probably have some more collection pages in the next couple weeks!






Books to Read page!


Another page I have been working/experimenting on is my books page. I adore books, if you need suggestions, check my Book Recommendation Page!


As you can tell, minus the title, my hand writing and doodling got better the longer I worked on the page/changed pens.  What I decided to do on this page since I have so many books I want to read, yet there are only a few I REALLY want to read. I broke it up into Non-fiction books, fiction books, and need to purchase books so that I can keep track of the books I own yet need to read and the ones I need to buy soon. I also left space on the bookshelves and towards the bottom so that I can add more if needed!




My recommendation is that if you want to spend the time to commit to organizing and simplifying your life, the BuJo is definitely worth pursuing. I have been doing this for a whole 48 hours and have accomplished a lot in terms of writing ideas, completing some lists I have wanted to complete, among other things.

Here are some links that I have found EXTREMELY helpful in starting my BuJo:


Happy Journaling/Crafting/Doodling!



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