I feel like I am in need of new introduction here on my blog. With all that I have experienced in the last few months, I realize that I not only have changed in terms of writing focus and style, but also as a person. So here’s a reintroduction to me, Katie.

I’m Katie. I respond to Caitlin on occasion, but only when I13267948_10154709166232565_8824874941506238963_n get called for interviews,
which is rare. You might get a nasty look if you try calling me that. So don’t try it.

I am a born and raised Texan. If I had it my way, I’d stay here forever, but I realize sometimes God takes us on adventures to get out of our comfort zone, but Texas is home. My second home is Germany. I had the opportunity to travel there in the summer of 2015 and it not only rocked my world, but caused me to develop a deep desire to see as much of the world as I possibly can.

I found Jesus, well let me rephrase that, Jesus found me in my freshman year of college, and I’m hesitant to ponder what my life would’ve been like had that not happened. I’d probably be as much, if not more of a hot mess then I already am. But we’ve been on a crazy adventure that is an on again, off again relationship. Sometimes I feel the world pulls me away from the one thing I need most in life, and sometimes I have the will to fight and follow him. But without a doubt, Jesus is my rock and strength and without knowing him, you are missing out on the greatest love man will ever know. And it doesn’t go away when he might change his mind. His love is eternal.

On a side note, a lot of my writing is pondering this relationship and talking about what He is doing in my life.

I’m often found driving well above the speed limit with all of my windows down, country music or 80’s rock blasting from the stereo, with no destination. I always say I hate the heat, but something about feeling the warmth hit your skin as the sun sets, the world flashing before your eyes, is unexplainable. Therefore, I think deep down, underneath all of my stubborn ways, I love the heat.

If I had it my way, I’d spend my life living in Germany, on a beach, and in the middle of the boondocks on 100 acres, writing books and blog posts and finding new ways to get into trouble… Or maybe actually using my Disaster Planning degree like my parents hope I will.

11954593_10154119022217565_240948950520074433_nWhen I am not actively pursuing trouble and danger, I am highly involved in completing, well procrastinating in finishing my books, blogging, find new crafts to learn, reading, being outside, going out, shooting guns, watching football, and finding new ways to be a badass in boots.

Because this is Texas y’all, and I live for boots, slinging bullets, and watching a ball game on Saturday.

I have a degree in Disaster Planning and maintain a great interest in utilizing GIS and mapping within the field in rural counties in Texas.

I am proud to be an American, a staunch believer in the need to uphold the Constitution and the red, white, and blue. I am unapologetic in this matter and will defend it until the day I die.

I am snarky and a smartass and firmly believe that getting into shenanigans is *Always* the way to go… And I have some serious stories to share as a result.


To sum it up,

I am blunt and bold, sometimes ballsy.

I love deeply and refuse to half-ass anything with the except of maybe looking cute on the weekends.

I am unapologetic in telling the truth and actively seek to make this crazy world a better place.

I live on excessive amounts of coffee and cuss words,

I have the best friends,

I’m always in cutoffs and boots and in dresses and heels on occasion,Photo May 31, 6 20 29 AM (1).jpg

I have loved and lost,

I have been hurt and stood back up again,

I firmly believe that the best is always yet to come,

And I know that being joyful and a touch of crazy is always the best way to live life.

I am a dreamer, a lover of life and Grace, a city girl with country roots and a hippie spirit, an explorer, a wanderer, a deep thinker, a patriot, a reader and writer, a sometimes leader, an appreciator of arts of all kinds, the master of disasters, a girl constantly seeking knowledge, and most importantly, a beautiful child of God.

Keep Calm and Shenanigans on y’all!


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