Those Wild Desires.

“The world needs you.”

I first heard that phrase on a late night in early July, while I was listening to a TED talk about the power of introverts. The woman in the talk was talking about how at times, the world pushes us to be extroverts, yet introverts are desperately needed to bring a different perspective and viewpoint to the work place. You see, I am an extroverted introvert. I can be outgoing, thrive in settings with large groups of people, yet these moments are hit or miss. My true nature for as long as I can remember, is introverted. I keep to myself, I like being alone at times, reading and writing are two things I thrive in. In school, I was least likely to speak up unless I had a full processed thought process to share with the world.

So in the moment when the woman stated, “The world needs you,” I was in a dark place. My mind immediately counteracted with “No it doesn’t, I’m just a being wandering this big old world with a bag full of heartbreak and scars. I have nothing good to offer the world.”

But that phrase has come up multiple times in my life. Usually in times where I struggle significantly and begin to wonder if things will get better. And then God comes through. He always has. He gently reminds me that the world desperately needs more people like me. He put me on this Earth for a reason.

We live in a world where realness is being replaced rapidly with the façade based on us thinking this is what others want from us.

We replace our true selves for a replica of unrealistic idol. At times I feel we don’t even begin to realize such change until it’s too late. Yet in the midst of all of the manipulated truths, we deeply and arguably desperately crave realness, truth. We’re entirely too scarred from the new norm, urgently seeking anything real and whole. The things that have the potential to evoke raw wholeness deep from within us.

This became highly evident while talking to people with the potential of dating or even just to get to know them.

Once you get past all of the basic “get to know you” questions, I feel as if my insecurities begin to rise to the surface. It’s as if the scars I had buried deep start to reopen, pain threatening to reveal the vulnerabilities to a world I actively seek to hide from. And sometimes you keep the pain packed tightly within a suitcase. Locked and hidden from the possibility of them being revealed.

So in my moment of vulnerability, this is what I’ve come to discover about being real with the world and why the world needs me.

The world needs more laughter.

The kind where tears stream down your face and gently begin to mend parts of your soul that you didn’t even realize where torn to begin with. The silent kind at two am because sitting in a Whataburger with your two best friends, eating breakfast, is incredibly beautiful.

The world needs more intelligence, more people to encourage others to think outside of the boxes that we’ve been placed in. TO question the social norms of today and pave the way for new and lasting norms to permeate a broken and dying society.

The world needs more unquestionable love.

It needs more people to love others in such a way that by the end of the night, you aren’t left wondering if you’re loved or if the person that you might love will only disappear in the night time. You can trust that love, which is rarity these days. It doesn’t ask questions; it doesn’t evoke insecurities.

It simply is, and will be.

It’s how Jesus loved and taught others to love. Today’s idea of love has been replaced with individuals thinking sex and lust is love and anything semblance of love isn’t a possibility of happening. Because sex and lust is attainable and within reach. Love is hard, almost nonexistent.

Which leads me to this point.

The world needs more people to fall in love with another’s soul and not lust after their bodies.

The fastest way to degrade a person of your preference is actively pursuing the route to climb into someone’s pants without taking the chance to become well acquainted with that person’s soul. My aunt once told me, “You aren’t a Jiffy Mart…. You don’t have to service everyone.” And you shouldn’t. Find the people who seek to know your personality, your soul, the very things that make you tick as an individual. And fight to keep them in your life. Because the rest is just igniters for the baggage you drag behind you… Desperate to be free from.

The world needs more joy.

All of the things that entice us to believe that they will satisfy us ultimately will fail us. Joy is unending. Joy is infectious beyond belief. We, as individuals, should strive to have more joy in our lives. To not desire to only be wealthy or successful, but to do all things in joy. For the Joy of the Lord is our strength and the world needs to experience such strength. To know that in spite of all of the dark circumstances that seems to plague our lives, there is always something better and eternal simply waiting for us. We simply need to chase after Him.

I think the most important thing is that the World needs our true stories.

To know of our struggles and how we overcame them. We should be real about the good, bad, and ugly moments in our lives that had caused us to rejoice, or hide our heads in shame. Because falling into the belief that you are struggling alone is dangerous, potentially fatal. We need to know that there are people in the world who are both 1.) worth fighting for, and 2.) willing to fight for us, to carry one another when we can’t always carry ourselves. Because as the quote says, “There is some good in this world and it is worth fighting for.”

Vulnerabilities unite people. It brings possible strangers closer at an exponential rate. It creates a bond that cannot be broken. And that is what the world needs more of. Grace, forgiveness, opportunities of change for the better, healing, seeing the rise of strong men and women, seeing chains being broken, seeing baggage losing its dead weight, finding realness in a world that doesn’t care to find it.


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