6 Things I’m Loving in July.

Etsy’s ElleQDesignselleqdesigns

If you know anything about me, you’d know that if an Etsy shop has shirts involving baseball, the south, football, Jesus, lake/beachin’, and/or Guns, sometimes combined all together, then I am ALL over it. While shopping, well window shopping, I stumbled across ElleQDesigns.

Their stuff is ADORABLE from what I have seen so far and I decided I needed to come up with about $100 ASAP so I can go buy a cute shirt or two or ten. But definitely check them out because THEY ARE SO CUTE! This shirt is definitely my current favorite so far…


My mother has been after me for the better part of two years to just go to ONE jazzercise class with her. I finally bit the bullet and went along yesterday and my mind was blown. As a dancer who hasn’t danced in over 5 years, it was FANTASTIC to get involved in something that was dance related and still kicked my butt. I haven’t sweated that hard in a very long time and felt like I could keep going after one class. If you like wiggling your hips, dancing, listening to fun music, and working out, then I would HIGHLY suggest trying it out. They have locations everywhere and everyone I have met thus far has been incredibly funny, welcoming, and encouraging.  Also, you burn almost 500 calories in one, one hour workout. Can you say hello bikini time?!

Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverinimld

As an aficionado of all books, literature, and words, it’s very rare to find a book that has me hooked from the get go. Insert this novel. It had been on my Amazon list for the better part of two years and I just happened to find it on the clearance shelf at Half Priced Books. (I took it as a sign from God) I would say I am about through half of the book and am thoroughly enjoying the perspective in which the book is written. Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley was a freedwoman who started making some of the dresses that important wives of political figures including Varina Davis, wife of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, others including First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln. As the book progresses, Elizabeth begins to capture the wildly changing moods of Mrs. Lincoln, along with being acquainted with President Lincoln as the American Civil War breaks out in early 1861. It presents an intimate image of the Lincoln family and presidency during one of the most fragile times in American History. If you enjoy historical fiction books, or even just fiction books, this is definitely one to pick up and peruse.

*Side Note.* Apparently she has similar books about Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Grant. I will have to bargain hunt and find them. I will definitely keep you updated with how those are.


Texas Red Dirt Playlist

My Spotify account should be titled “Music Hoarder’s Hideaway.” I have dozens of random playlists that I occasionally turn to, depending on my mood. I had heard a similar playlist at a friend’s house and really enjoyed the variety of country, Texas Country, and relating music. And yes, there is a difference between Texas Country and nortrdmal Country music. It has everything from Chris Stapleton, to  Eli Young Band, to Randy Rogers Band and Stoney LaRue, to Pat Green. With it being Spotify, they are usually pretty good to updating the playlists to new and current songs that are popular in the Texas Country Music Circuit.  If you enjoy more of a traditionalist roots based Country music, then check.this.out. It would also be a good introduction to individuals who wants to listen to Texas Country but don’t know where to start. I would say it is definitely a late night, windows down, speeding down a gravel road type playlist. GO.LISTEN.TO.IT.NOW!!!

P.S. The Lucky Ones by Sam Riggs, Cast No Stone by Cody Jinks and Day One by Pat Green are my current, overplayed favorites.

P.P.S: I forgot to add Mike Ryan’s Bad Reputation to that list. It’s an incredible song!

Michaels’ Rewards

Being the crafty person that I am, I love, love, love when I get good deals on craft supplies. Please note the emphasis on the word love. It’s a fantastic feeling when you can get $30 Staedler markers for $15 bucks. Since traversing into hand lettering world, I have had a hell of a time finding good markers that works best for me and my lettering style. Anyways, I had stumbled into Michaels’ looking for some supplies to learn how to hand letter and etc, and the nice sales lady told me about the rewards. I signed up simply because working retail, I know it’s just easier to give them my information once and be done with it then be harassed every time I go in to sign up. What I didn’t expect was the magnitude of good coupons I get on a weekly basis. 50% off a regular price item or 25% off the total purchase. Yup. I definitely can’t complain with these kinds of deals for craft supplies. Over the years I had lost hope in Michaels but my faith has been restored. So thank you Michaels’, for stepping up your rewards and coupons. Unquestionably a fan!

On a side note, I got 85% off my custom graduation frame for my college degree using a special coupon that was solely for rewards members. So there’s that!


Rifle Paper Co. Notebooks

I am a notebook hoarder. I think it’s just a trait of being a writer. I never can have too many notebooks or sheets of paper to write down my non-existent ideas. But for my Image-1college graduation, my best friend had given me a set of these Rifle Paper Co. Notebooks. THESE ARE STINKIN’ GORGEOUS. It came in a 3-pk yet I can’t even decide what to write in them! I’ve had them for close to two months and I still can’t decide what to do with them, so I carry them in my purse or bag just in case I suddenly find inspiration. I have considered using them for sermon notes, but I already have a notebook/two/three for that purpose. If you have suggestions, please let me know! I need ideas!



But this closes out my July must have post. I feel as if I will need to revisit this topic as the month closes out and I discover more things I am in love with.


Keep Calm and Shenanigans on!

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