End of August Catch-up Post

August has been extremely busy here in Texas. The main reasons are due to a six-five brunette who has flown into my life and made it so much more incredible and job interviews. By next Wednesday, I have completed over six interviews in the last three weeks. Meaning I spend copious amounts of time revising and tailoring my resume, digging my suit out of the dirty clothes and speed washing it, convincing employers that they need me without sounding completely desperate, and spending time going on adventures with my babe of a boyfriend.

Since MJ (the boyfriend) has begun school and working peak season at work, and I am in the middle of the hiring process for possible jobs, aka being unemployed still, I decided that it would be extremely helpful if I found a way to busy myself. Why? My anxiety has decided to make a reoccurence in my life and as the Proverbs goes

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece. – Proverbs 16:27

Therefore, I need to keep myself busy. And one of my favorite ways to fill idle time is by being creative and doing anything with words. Words? You might think this to yourself as you read it, but if you know anything about me, I am a crafter and creator of words. I often find solace in words, books, speeches, etc. Anyways, I was on Pinterest and saw a pin for a 6-Word Story Challenge and thought I would participate in it. I am loving it so far because it requires me to take a word, turn it into a theme or idea, and summarize it in six words. Being me, I tend to get wordy and spend entirely too much times and words on the irrelevant and not getting my point across. Summarizing is not my strong suit. Ask MJ…

6- Word Story Challenge from Page Flutter

I realized after the fact that I probably should’ve used fall colors since September is the month where it becomes fall but oh well… I’ll survive. If anything, it just shows my deep and unending need to not be a “basic white girl.” Also, excuse my messy handwriting. I got lazy about two story themes in and said “screw it.”

Some other news as to things that have occurred in August, I finally bought the twenty pack of Staedler Triplus Fineliners I had been eyeballing since I started my bullet journal. Long story short, Michaels decided to have a 60% off coupon and I might’ve used it for the pens. There is no greater feeling than getting $30 pens for $12. I might’ve skipped out of the store after I bought them.

As I mentioned in my original BuJo post, I have used Staedlers extensively in the past when I was into card-making and scrapbooking and the quality it provides for lettering is PHENOMENAL! I would try to compare them to the other pens I have but it is just not even worth comparing. So, my recommendation to anyone who wants to get into any kind of craft that requires lettering and/or pens, buy the expensive ones. They last longer and provide better color quality to any and all of your crafts you use!

I should have more to talk about from this past month but honestly it’s all been a blur. Keep an eye on this blog because I intend to post more writings and things about my BuJo as I journey down the addictive nature of bullet journaling!

Keep calm and shenanigans on!



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