Have you ever thought about how many stories God has written into existence? The stories of people lives, the stories that are a result of creativity that He has gifted artists of all natures. Stories are the existence as a result of a desire  to share some moment in a person’s life with the rest of the world.

This blog is place for stories that He has moved into existence in my own life.

Who am I?

cropped-img_8418.jpgWell, I am Cate.

A woman whose dreams are bigger than her fears, who has a desire to love God to the best and fullest of her capability and an even greater desire to share Him with a world who desperately is seeking Him and his attributes without even realizing it.

A woman who struggles immensely at times, only to find that my strength is found in Him alone.

I found God as a young girl, hearing the stories of the bible being shared in picture books read to me by my parents and sermons shared during Sunday service at the Baptist and Methodist church I attended.

I found God again going into fifth grade when I asked Jesus to save my soul during summer Vacation Bible School.

Again, I found Him when the question was posed where I would be going when I died the summer I turned 18.

After years of seeking but lacking fulfillment and not finding him fully, I found God in a new way when I began my journey of converting to Catholicism.

This is a place where my conversations and stories inspired by Him are brought into fruition. A place where I can dream, discern, doubt, and discover Him over and over again.

But to sum me up, I love adventuring to new places and experiencing new things.

I am a devout bookworm and coffee drinker… I’m most often found curled up somewhere quiet with a book open and mug of coffee in my hands.

I love spending time with my friends and most importantly, my other half, MJ, discussing life and asking the deep and pondering questions.

I love discovering my newfound Catholic faith and understanding the Church, my faith, and religion in its entirety.

I love learning, growing, and becoming the woman and warrior of God he so desires me to be.


Welcome to the place where I keep my stories,



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