I find personal development extremely important not only for my psyche, but also just as a contributing factor in the journey to becoming my truest and complete form of myself. Whether it be physical, spiritual, psychological, or intellectual  discovery and development, here are some tidbits of things I have found IMMENSELY helpful in my personal discovery and development journey.



Jessica Rey – The Evolution of Swimwear

Susan Cain – The Power of Introvert

Brene Brown- The Power of Vulnerability

Jefferson Bethke- What Is My Role In The Objectification Of Women?

Annie F. Downs- One Calling, Multiple Expressions

Ann Voskamp- Known By Our Gratitude


Annie F. Downs- Let’s All Be Brave

Carolyn Weber- Surprised by Oxford

Eric Metaxes- Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Spy

Stephen Covey- Seven Habits of Highly Effective People



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